Moving homes? Worried you will not be able to take on the heavy workload all by yourself? Thankfully, you have tons of removalists ready to help you around Brisbane Northside.

Removalist services can cost as much as $150 per hour. Even though more affordable options are available, the number of items will increase removalists Brisbane Northside expenses. The cost-effective approach to hiring a removalist in Brisbane would be to only use removalist services for only essential items. 

Not sure what’s the best way to lighten your load? We’ll help you! Our team at Moving Solutions Australia has prepared a detailed guide to efficient decluttering for you. Follow these steps to get rid of unwanted and unused items before the professional movers and packers arrive. 

Why Must You Declutter Before Removalists Brisbane Northside Start?

Before we start, let’s further discuss the importance of decluttering. First of all, owning too much stuff can never be good. If you are constantly buying or hoarding things, you will also have to manage, clean, and organize them. Otherwise, all the clutter will contribute to a stressful environment. 

You will definitely notice the wrath of unnecessary items when packing for a move. Surely, deciding what to take to the new house and what to purge is not easy, but you will thank yourself later. Overall, the benefits of owning fewer things are limitless but here are some of the prime reasons:

Tip 1: Take Time to Plan and Declutter 

Like many things in life, successful and efficient decluttering depends on good planning. Do not put decluttering off until the day before you are scheduled to move. You need to start purging your belongings at least two weeks before removalists Brisbane Northside arrive. 

This way, you will know what to keep and pack. Give yourself adequate time. Otherwise, you may end up making some extreme decisions on the spot. For instance, you might end up throwing too many things because you are stressed about packing so many things. Alternatively, you may throw in everything you have into boxes simply because you are too stressed to assess them at the moment.

The best way to tackle this is to start a few weeks in advance. Set aside a few hours each and assign realistic daily and weekly goals on how much you plan on decluttering. Note that it is always a good idea to have an idea of how big or small your new place before you start decluttering. 

Tip 2: Divide Your Items into Keep, Sell, Donate, and Throw Piles

Before you proceed to the second step of decluttering, arrange loads of boxes, bins, or trash bags. For, you will be digging through your clutter and making piles. Yes! It is time to organize everything you have into one of these four piles: keep, sell, donate, and trash. It is important to clearly label and separate each of these piles. 

The ‘Keep’ Pile

The ‘keep’ category should ideally have items you wish to alter or fix for future use. To help you best assess, ask the following questions: 

We often tend to overestimate the practical value of an item. In reality, many repair jobs like fixing a light or broken clock are often not worth the hassle and expense.  

The ‘Sell’ Pile

You can make some extra cash by simply selling items that are in good condition but of no use to you. While garage sales and resale shops are all great options, they can be quite time-consuming. 

In case you opt for consignment or resale shops, it is better to research a few options. Consignment stores usually take a variety of household goods and furniture while some resale shops only accept clothes. Furthermore, many such shops will require you to make an appointment and may even have a limit on how much you can sell to them on a single day. 

If you are looking for another option, the list below that be helpful:

Online marketplaces are great if you are looking to sell unused items without getting distracted in the middle of your move. One of the main requirements of selling online is high-quality pictures, so make sure you have a camera. You can eliminate the ‘sell’ pile altogether if you do not have the time to manage and advertise the items. 

The ‘Donate’ Pile 

If a product is still in good condition but you do not have the intention or energy to sell it, you can always donate it. This is a win-win situation where you can get rid of unwanted clutter and someone else can fulfil their needs. Simply pass it on if you have not used it recently. 

Some commonly donated items include linens, clothes, and costumes. You may also donate books, toys, games, and sporting goods. Also, decor, appliances, and furniture are donation-worthy items that can be very helpful for the recipient. 

The ‘Trash’ Pile

Items that do not qualify for any of the aforementioned piles often get discarded. Add belongings that you cannot reuse again or repair to the ‘trash’ pile. Throw the trash after each decluttering session to allow more sorting space in the house. 

Tip 3: Declutter One Room at a Time 

Proper planning is essential if you want to finish decluttering before removalists start packing and shifting your belongings. Choose one room at a time. Ideally, starting with the least cluttered room might be helpful. Sort all the content of that room into the four categories mentioned above. Make sure to establish a clear labelling system to make it easier for removalists Brisbane Northside. 

Start with the heaviest objects in the room such as beds, sofas, dressers, tables, and entertainment systems. As it may be difficult to move furniture into different piles, you can use sticky notes to label which pile each item belongs to. Again, keep the layout of your future home in mind when keeping or purging furniture pieces. 

After tackling all the heavy objects, break the room into sections. Conquer cabinets, closets, drawers, floor areas, and surface areas – one at a time. Sort items in each of these sections in keep, sell, donate, or throw piles. Below are some room-based sorting inspirations to help you get started. 

Decluttering a Kitchen

Identify what items in the kitchen you have not used recently. Rummage through cabinets to identify the appliances, perishables, or food that you do not reach out for any more. You will find that kitchen gears are often under-utilized. Yet, they take a lot of space in the cabinets. So, if you have a fondue pot, asparagus peeler, or snow cone maker, it is time to let them go. Wondering what else you can bid farewell to? Here’s a list to help you declutter your kitchen

Decluttering a Bedroom 

The most daunting part of decluttering your bedroom is going through your closet – piece by piece. Of course, decisions regarding furniture and other heavy items in the bedroom are important. However, the most difficult part is choosing what in your closet needs to go. The general rule is to only keep clothes and personal items that you love to use and wear. So, you may want to bid farewell to the following: 

Decluttering a Bathroom 

Your bathroom may be one of the smaller spaces in the house but you will be amazed at how much you can purge in your bathroom. Here are some things you can declutter in the bathroom: 

Declutter the Common Area 

The main living and dining area of the house has a mix of big and smaller objects you can purge. Discarding smaller items can ease packing while decluttering bigger ticket pieces can offer a clean canvas at your new home. Stop and ask yourself, “Do these pieces match my decor expectation for the new space?” If not, you can close your eyes and purge the following:

Declutter Garage, Attic, or Basement

Finally, you need to practice the nitty-gritty of decluttering in extra spaces such as the garage, attic, and basements. These rooms often store sentimental items. Do make parting ways with such items easier, ask yourself, “ Am I attached to the memory of this item, or do I really love it?” 

If you have been holding onto it for a nostalgic connection, consider that you will always have the memory with you. Alternatively, you can preserve the object digitally by taking a picture. Even though decluttering such items can be difficult, letting go of the emotional baggage before a move can help you settle better in the new home. Some commonly unused items in your garage, attic, or basement may be:

The Bottom Line

Follow these simple tips and dominate your decluttering journey! Start with the least populated rooms first and sort the heavier items first. Once you have all of your unnecessary items out of the way, it will be easier for removalists Brisbane Northside to do their job. What’s more? You will be making money from sales of unwanted items and save money on removalist expenses.