Maximizing Container Space


In the dynamic sphere of international shipping, gaining a thorough understanding of how to maximise your shipping containers’ space is crucial for optimising costs, productivity, and efficiency. As an industry leader with over 10 years of experience, Moving Solutions will provide you with a comprehensive guide to making the most out of your 20-foot and 40-foot containers, focusing specifically on pallet optimisation.

Understanding Container Dimensions 

Before we can master the art of space optimisation, it’s paramount to familiarise ourselves with the dimensions of the containers we are dealing with.

20ft Container Dimensions

A standard 20-foot container measures 19’ 4” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” tall.

40ft Container Dimensions

In contrast, a standard 40-foot container comes in at 39’ 6” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” tall.

Pallet Types: EU Pallet and EUR2 Pallet

In the realm of international shipping, the focus is often on two main types of pallets – the EU pallet and the EUR2 pallet, also known as the standard pallet.

Maximising Container Space

Having a solid understanding of how to pack your containers is crucial to harness the full potential of your available space.

20ft Container: Pallet Optimisation

Using the dimensions provided, our team at Moving Solutions can calculate the optimal number of EU or EUR2 pallets that can fit into a 20ft container.

40ft Container: Pallet Optimisation

Similarly, with the dimensions of a 40ft container, our experienced team can calculate the optimal number of pallets this container can accommodate.

Beyond Pallet Placement: Other Ways to Optimise Space

While optimising pallet placement is a significant step towards maximising container space, other techniques can also be used to improve efficiency.

The Importance of Safe and Efficient Packing

Safe and efficient packing not only ensures the maximum utilisation of space but also improves the safety and integrity of your goods during transit.

The Impact on Your Shipping Strategy


By maximising container space with Moving Solutions, you can significantly cut down on shipping costs, making your business more cost-effective.

Increased Productivity

Efficient use of space also results in increased productivity, as you can ship more goods in larger quantities, leading to more efficient operations.


Maximising the space of your 20-foot and 40-foot containers is an art that requires understanding container dimensions, knowledge of pallet types, and the implementation of efficient packing strategies. With over 10 years of experience, Moving Solutions can help make this a reality, leading to significant increases in cost-effectiveness and productivity for your business.

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