The coronavirus-led global pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. While you may put a halt on many plans and slowed down other processes, moving to a new home is rarely an avoidable situation.

You may be moving because your current lease is coming to an end, or your move may be a ripple-effect of the economic-strain the pandemic has caused. Regardless of the reason, relocation during Covid-19 demands some considerations. One way to take off some of your stress would be to hire packers and movers.

Even with professional movers handling your relocation, there are a few things you need to know when planning to move to a different location. In this article, you can get an overview of how you can tackle moving during a pandemic without breaking a sweat.

Hire a Moving Company That Prioritises Safety

In these volatile (and highly-infectious) times, you must select someone as concerned about the spread of coronavirus as you are. Even though you may have to select a moving company online, reading through reviews and testimonials can help make the right decision.

Arranging physical meetings may be difficult, but you can conduct virtual meetings prior to the moving day to discuss specifics. Most moving companies offer online surveys that will provide you with price estimates for your move, so getting a moving quote will be quite easy.

Conduct Meticulous Inquiry Regarding the Moving Company’s Safety Measures

Should you decide to proceed with your relocation, it is recommended that you inquire about the implementation of social distancing and sanitization of your removalist. You may want to discuss all of these matters with your mover during the planning stage of your relocation. This will give a glimpse of how prepared and cautious they are about preventing coronavirus infection during the scheduled removal.

Movers and packers are taking on projects like interstate removal while abiding by some protocols designed to protect both employees and customers. Generally, they abide by federal and local guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitization. Not only will they work in small groups, but they will also wear masks and gloves. They would stock the moving trucks with hand sanitizers and frequently sanitize all their equipment and vehicles. 

These practices will ensure that moving services can be safe during a pandemic. It is essential for you to be transparent if you notice any coronavirus symptoms. The health of the removalist is important too, so the removal must be conducted without jeopardizing anyone’s safety and health.

How to Pack During a Pandemic?

In case you choose to pack your own belongings – be aware that it might not be easy. However, it will limit the number of people you have to interact with and allow into your home. Make a list of all your packing essentials. If the items are available online, it is best to get them delivered. Otherwise, you can make a quick run to the stores and get all the boxes, tapes, labels, strings, etc. that you might need.

Confused about quantities? You can calculate an estimated quantity for each item using an online packing and moving calculator. When in doubt, get extra! You may even repurpose suitcases, laundry bins, and hampers lying around the house.

Sanitize all your valuables before packing them into boxes. Once all packed, put them aside in a clean and closed room from where the movers can pick them up easily. As coronavirus can survive up to 24 hours on surfaces like cardboard boxes, it is best if you finish packing a minimum of a day before the movers arrive.

What to do When the Movers Arrive?

Your movers will likely come fully prepared with masks. It is a direct risk for you if they are not wearing masks, so you have full right to request them to put one on. It may be a good idea to request the movers to wash their hands and then put gloves on. If you can, designate a bathroom for the movers, and let the bathroom aerate for a few hours after they leave.

You can stay outdoors while they transfer your belongings to the truck. In case you do not have an outdoor space or wish to supervise the move, you can stay inside – but with extra cautions. Open the doors and windows to increase air circulation while the movers are working inside. It may be best if you keep them open for a couple of hours after they leave.

Do the same for your new home. Wear a mask for a few hours after the movers deliver the furniture to the new location. You can open all the windows and doors to facilitate airflow.


Moving may be a stressful event, but moving during a pandemic can peak your anxiety. Rest assured, when you hire a professional and reliable mover, you will be able to relocate without having any unnecessary stress on your shoulders. With proper planning, you can execute a safe relocation during a pandemic.