High expenses is one of the biggest concerns revolving moving, especially for those anticipating long-distance moves. The first step to financially prepare for an upcoming move is to get a moving quote as soon as possible. Prices vary depending on factors like distance, weight and time, but it can also fluctuate from one mover to another. 

At Moving Solutions Australia, we simplify the moving quote process to help you make the right decision. We can quote moving expenses to provide an idea of how much the move may cost you. Upon gathering more information regarding your move, we can provide a more accurate estimate. 

We recognize that customers may want to compare moving services prices before booking services of long-distance movers. Keeping that in mind, we aim to quote moving services in a timely fashion to allow you ample time to consider all the options. 

What Are Moving Quotes?

When companies quote moving processes, they aim to offer an accurate idea of how much the move might cost you. You will be required to provide some information about your house, belongings, and schedule to help the movers prepare a quote for you. 

You can choose an in-home walk-through to get an accurate estimate. However, you may also opt for virtual and over-the-phone walk-throughs to get a general quote. The movers company will send an official moving quote soon after this meeting. What’s more, getting a quote is completely free!  

Do not confuse moving quotes with an instant ballpark quote, which is a very rough estimate. Instant ballparks are provided without collecting enough information and, therefore, do not always reflect the final bill accurately. Want to avoid the frustration of paying more than expected? Gauge your moving costs with an instant ballpark but base your financial decisions on the final moving quote. 

Factors to Consider When Assessing Moving Company Quotes 

Choosing the right movers and packers is a big decision. As one of Australia’s most reputed and reliable moving companies, Moving Solutions has learned a few tricks to recognizing when a company quotes the right prices. Below are a few helpful tips to help you kickstart your moving process. As you continue to collect moving quotes from different movers companies, you have to proactively research their reputation and credentials. 

You may begin by comparing offered packages and respective pricing. Shortlist a few moving companies and conduct thorough research to find out their industry experience and quality of service. You may even request a direct point of contact from each company to get prompt responses to all your price-related queries. 

For your reference, here’s a list of some factors that may affect the moving company’s quotes:

Time of the Year and Seasonality

Cost of the move may vary immensely depending on what time of the year you are shifting homes. It may be wise to choose certain cost-effective moving timeframes if you have the flexibility. Furthermore, seasonality plays a major role in price fluctuation. 

Summer months, in general, are more popularly considered moving-friendly. Thanks to favourable conditions such as ideal temperature, there’s more demand during summer. However, choosing to move during off-peak season is recommended if you want to take advantage of low prices.  

Total Distance of the Move

Understandably, companies will quote moving expenses based on the distance to be travelled. Expect a higher moving cost for long-distance moves to a new destination.  

Weight and Size of Belongings

Oftentimes, movers will assess the weight of the items to be moved before proving a quote. Heavier items will increase the moving quotes. Some moving companies may set prices based on the minimum weight of your belongings. Similarly, the size of your current home can affect the quote. 

Add-Ons for the Move

As an attempt to provide complete support to the customers, established moving companies offer a range of add-on services. Sure, these services help take some load off but they will also add to the bill! 

From thorough cleaning to debris pick-up to TV mounting – movers can take a lot off your plate. Some of the most common add-ons you may want to avail and therefore get a quote for are partial and full packing, packaging material and labour cost, short or long-term storage cost, and bond cleaning. 

How to Get an Online Moving Quote?

Getting a company to quote moving expenses for you is quite easy. Thanks to technological advancement, you can get a quote online – in four simple steps! So, what are you waiting for? Get your personalized moving quote now, and let Moving Solutions help you with your upcoming move. 

Step 1 – Place an Online Request for Free Quote

Click here to get a free quote. Choose from local and interstate move options and provide additional information such as origin, destination, size of the home, the weight of belongings, and the tentative date for the move. You will also be required to enter your contact information to help the company reach out. 

Step 2 – Further Discussion Over Phone 

A company representative will confirm all the move details with you over the phone. Be sure to discuss all your needs and schedule a survey of all the things you want the movers to shift to the new house.

Step 3 –  Belongings Survey 

The moving company will send an estimator to survey all your belongings. This is a good time to discuss entry and exit routes for the movers. The estimator will guide you and help you get a tailor moving package to best fit your requirements, timeline, and budget. Then, they will send an official moving quote. 

Step 4 – Choose a Mover and Plan the Move

Finally, after you choose one of the moving quotes you can go forward with the selected company. Moving solutions will provide a personal move coordinator to guide you through the process. Plus, we will offer you loads of resources, tools, and suggestions to help plan your move.