You are about to move soon. Everything’s planned and you have perhaps made comprehensive and categorised to-do lists to follow when moving. However, anyone who has ever moved homes knows that no amount of planning can make it seem easier. There will always be too much work and too little time. So, how can you tackle the gigantic workload that looms over your moving day? 

Well, you can follow our Moving Timeline but you might find that this 8-week checklist when moving is also quite hectic. The best way to ease the process is to start as early as possible. 

Accomplish small tasks and milestones so you have less on your plate when the moving date is approaching. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a pre-packing checklist. Continue reading to find out what sorting and packing tasks you can complete ahead of time. 

Get Packing Supplies

The first thing to add on your pre-packing checklist when moving is to stock up on essential packing supplies. As your move is finalised, make a supply run! Get loads of boxes, packing foam, bubble wrap, tape, etc. The intention is to gather as many things as possible ahead of time. Not only will you have one less thing to worry about, but this will also accelerate your packing process. 

Start Packing Early 

Of course, you have a few items you cannot pack until the last minute. This does not mean you cannot start packing early. Pack as much as possible early. The head start will enable a more organised and stress-free move. 

Label All the Boxes

Moreover, label each of your packed boxes. The label should indicate the contents and also include which room in the new house the box would go in. This way, neither you nor the movers will lose time digging through boxes to identify what the box contains and where to place it.

Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Moving to a new home is a good excuse to purge unwanted items. Do not delay the declutter process until the final days of moving. The more belongings you give away, sell, or discard, the fewer items you have to pack and load. Getting rid of unwanted items can save time and money.

Prepare Lists

Amidst the stress of moving, it is common to miss bills. Organise all your utility bill details for both the old and new home. Having the end-of-service and start-of-service dates will help keep track of all the utilities. You can have a similar list for credit card and cell phone bills, mortgages, and leases/loans. 

Make a Schedule Carefully

Instead of expecting everything to fall in place, you can make tentative schedules. You might want to move during the week as more services such as banks, utilities, mechanics, government offices, etc. will be open in case you need any assistance. 

Make Arrangements for the Pets 

If you own pets, it is recommended to make arrangements for how to transport them to the new location early. This is also a good time to look for temporary accommodation for the four-legged friends.

Keep All Your Valuables Aside

With or without professional help, separating your valuables first is a good idea. Some items you might want to tuck away are important documents or paperwork, keepsakes, jewellery, family heirlooms, and photos. Otherwise, these may get lost or damaged in transition. 

Change Your Mailing Address 

Before you move to the new home, you should go to the Post Office to change your address. This may seem like a small errand, but you will not have time to forward your mails to the new address amid the stressful moving milestones. 

Prioritise Your Health 

The final part of the pre-packing checklist when moving is to plan the purchase of prescription medication ahead of time. Not only should you make sure you have medicines to suffice during the move but also transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy near the new home. 

The Bottom Line

Of course, your pre-packing checklist when moving may differ from the aforementioned list. These are some of the most common tasks you can complete long before the stressful move begins in full force.