Moving interstate? Wow! Without a doubt, your upcoming long-distance move will entail an enormous workload. There’s a lot to do and you may be worried about how you would cope. Thankfully, the move does not have to be as daunting as it seems. The key to a successful interstate move lies in good planning.

Not sure where to start? Then, you might find this article helpful. We have discussed how to devise a plan regarding various aspects of moving. From early planning to choosing new accommodation to address changes – we have tried to cover all the essentials. 

Planning During the Early Stages

Planning should begin as soon as your move is finalised. Moving interstate involves much more than moving from one house to another. It literally requires you and your family to shift to a new location and embrace a new way of life. As a family, you must consider factors such as timing for the move, school terms and school holidays, work schedule, etc. You will also have to take care of travel arrangements and in-transit accommodations. Pro tip: consider taking frequent enjoyment stopovers to make the trip more fun. 

Discuss a Vision for the Future 

As moving interstate will change a lot of things at once, it might help to have a vision. Discuss with the family what you envision your life to be like after the move and take inputs from other family members. Moving to a new place offers a great opportunity to explore something new. In addition to new scenery and environment, you will get the scope to bring positive changes to your lifestyle and outlook. What’s more, this may even present new private and business opportunities.  

Choosing an Accommodation

One of the most important aspects of your interstate move is selecting accommodation. Regardless of whether you want to purchase or rent, finding a good property will prove difficult if you start searching at the last minute. Scour through options online and offline to assess plenty of accommodation options. You may even make a temporary visit to the new city to personally assess your preferred accommodation. Some of the variables you should consider during the house-hunting process are location, property values, weather, affordability, traffic condition. 

Assess Education Opportunities

Before moving interstate, research school options for the kids in the area. Not just that, also check out what extracurricular activities are available. You may also want to keep their further education in mind. Easy access to colleges and universities is a critical factor. This step is very important before you make up your mind about a new location. 

Insurance Coverage 

Interstate or not, you would never want to move into a damaged or burnt-out house. For this reason, it is important to ensure the house before handover or settlement date. Likewise, keep the insurance cover for the old residence until settlement to avoid unanticipated expenses due to accidental damage.

Choose Storage Solutions

Are you having difficulty finding space for all your belongings in the new address? Then, keeping them in storage solutions might be an option. Instead of cluttering your new space with too many furniture, you can organise them in storage. This will give you a much-needed breathing space. Best of all, storage options are surprisingly quite affordable. However, you need to check whether insurance will cover your precious belongings while they are tucked away in storage. 

Make a Decluttering Schedule

With a heavy heart, you need to bid farewell to items that neither belong in the new home nor storage. Everyone has a mountain of household and personal items that they have not used for a long time. Instead of hoarding these items, you need to get rid of them. You can even make some extra money by setting up a garage sale. Alternatively, you can put unused items for sale on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Gumtree. 

Make a Schedule for Packing

Packing for an interstate move is often much easier than it seems. With the right resources and adequate planning, it is a piece of cake. Start by making a pre-packing checklist and then a complete packing checklist when moving interstate. You will soon realise that, if handled in an organised manner, packing is not intimidating. So, start by arranging packing materials such as cartons, ziplock bags, packing tapes, textas, bubble wrap, etc. In case you are too busy to take care of packing, you can hire reliable professionals to take the workload off your shoulders.

Label All Cartons 

You can save yourself a lot of trouble simply by labelling all the cartons. You can just look at the labels and place the boxes in designated rooms. This can also help removalists as the labels help identify which room to keep each box in. If you are using a removalist company, write your name on each of the boxes. 

Take Photos of Wiring Setup

The worst thing about electronics is their wires. They get tangled, lost, and mixed up. The probability of misplacing wires while moving interstate is rather high. So, what’s the solution? Simply take photographs of wiring setups for televisions, computers and other electronics before you dismantle them. This will help you reassemble at the new address without any issues.  

Cleaning the House and Closing Up

You can save some money by cleaning the previous house by yourself. You will be surprised how easy it is to clean an empty house. You can make cleaning more fun by inviting some friends to help. After the house is clean, turn off power and gas and lock the house up. Next, you can handover the keys. 

Arrange Transportation 

Transportation is an important aspect of moving interstate. Be it a car, boat, or caravan, you need to book a suitable mode of transportation for the long-distance move. You may even choose to take a flight to the new city and have your car transported for a small fee. However, check whether your insurance will cover your vehicle transportation. 

Get Help From Professional Removalists

While moving your possessions yourself is an option, it is not the most efficient option. To get the best experience, you can hire a reputed and highly-skilled removalist company for your long-distance move. 

Be Careful While Lifting Heavy Items

In case you decide to do most of the work yourself, be extra cautious. For, wrongly lifting heavy items can lead to some serious moving injuries. Be extra cautious.


By simply planning around the aforementioned topics, you can make the most of moving interstate. Moreover, you may assign a reputed moving company like Moving Solutions to take care of most of the work.