Confused about whether to tackle your upcoming move yourself or to hire a professional removal company? Well, you are not alone! There’s no denying that a DIY move is a more affordable option. However, there are some things that you just cannot do yourself. 

Removal of heavy, precious, or awkwardly sized household items is one such task. Difficult items like a bulky piano or a valuable piece of art are best left to the professionals during a hectic move. These items demand special care and attention. So, even if you insist on pulling off the move all by yourself, you might want to consider hiring experts for some of your difficult-to-move belongings. 

Thankfully, there are many capable removal companies Brisbane ready to help you. Not sure which of your possession can be labelled as difficult-to-move? Our team at Moving Solutions has created a precise list of five household items that are difficult to shift without pro helpers. 

Household Appliances

Moving any big household appliance requires a lot of preparation and planning. Of course, you will also need substantial manpower. Sure, it is not impossible to move household items such as television, refrigeration, freezer, and washing machine yourself. However, hiring movers and packers to do the strenuous weight lifting and moving on your behalf is a great idea. 

On average, a dishwasher weighs approximately 150 pounds. An average washing machine weighs 200 pounds while a fridge weighs roughly about 300 pounds. You can perhaps move one or two of these appliances but moving several items at once without help will be quite tedious and time-consuming.  

When moving several heavy household appliances, it is best to seek assistance from removal companies Brisbane. For, professional movers know the right way to efficiently and effectively disconnect, pack, and move home appliances without any issue. They may also help you reassemble and reinstall the appliances in your new home. 

Pool Tables

Looking forward to playing billiard games with friends in your new house? Not sure how to transfer the bulky and delicate item from one location to another? Then, it is time to call the professionals. Disassembling and packing a pool table is not easy without support from removal companies Brisbane. 

Even if you conquer the complicated task of disassembling and packing, you will also have to devise a solid plan for lifting and shifting the weighty parts. Wondering how much pool tables weigh? Well, some of the heaviest pool tables can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds!

Imagine trying to shift a 1,000-pound item. The challenge is doubled when stairs are involved. Fortunately, moving companies are specialized in moving specialty items like pool tables.  


Moving a piano without help is not an easy feat. Most pianos weigh hundreds of pounds and some may even come to thousands of pounds. Lifting such a heavy object without the right tools can cause back pain and other moving injuries.  

Besides, the risk of injuring yourself is not the only downside of picking up and moving the instrument all by yourself. Pianos are generally quite expensive. Typically, a piano will cost you $100,000 or more. This makes your piano one of the most valuable things in your house. What if you drop and damage parts of the piano during a move? That would be disastrous! 

Therefore, it is important to handle this item with utmost care. Dedicated moving tools and equipment are required to move a piano. Unless you have very strong friends to assist you, do not attempt moving this hefty item without professional assistance. Instead, hire a moving expert who has ample experience moving grand and upright  pianos.  

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are among some of the most difficult household items to move. Unless you are adequately skilled and have a bunch of friends to help, do not try to shift a hot tub! Without a doubt, it is a lot of work. Getting the right tools and supplies to draining the water – you really need to know what you are doing. 

Moreover, you need to plan a route and decide how to get the hot tub into the moving truck. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Hiring one of the leading removal companies Brisbane is an easy solution to this problem. They have all the right tools and equipment and also know how to use them. 

When drained out, a hot tub can weigh over 900 pounds. This is definitely too much for you to handle alone. Even if you have friends helping out, they cannot help you dismantle, pack, and reassemble it the right way. With a professional mover, you can rest assured that they have the required experience handling outdoor jacuzzi shifting like yours. They will take care of everything without a problem. 

Antiques, Valuables, and Art

Hiring professionals to move antiques, valuables, and art pieces is a commonly disregarded topic. Yet, having licensed and insured movers take care of your precious items is a brilliant idea. Even though you can move these items with proper prepping and planning, it is not recommended.   

While some of these items are heavy, many of them are not. However, ensuring the safe transfer of these possessions is quite tricky. Reliable removal companies Brisbane can keep your precious belongings secure and safe during the moving journey. Art, especially, is prone to damage. So, valuable artwork must be wrapped in several types of supplies. Movers will bring protective moving supplies specially designed for packing canvas prints and framed art. 

You may also own some antiques such as china dinnerware, crystal glassware, family heirlooms, porcelain figures, and furniture. These not only have monetary value but also etch a special place in your heart. You can rely on a competent team of movers and packers to move these items without scratching, losing, or breaking them. Professionals will handle these items with special care. 

How to Move These Items Without Help From Brisbane Removal Companies?

First of all, it is not recommended that you try to move any of these household items without help from moving companies. However, booking pro movers may not be within everyone’s budget. If you have made up your mind on a DIY move, it is best you do it the right way. 

Don’t be nervous. With the right materials, helpers, and planning, you can pull off a successful move. To help you during your challenging time, we have prepared a list of tips: 

Collect the right supplies and tools

Be it a heavy item or a valuable one, you need the right materials to execute a safe and efficient move. Not only will you need packing tape and boxes, but you will also need some heavy-duty tools. To cut down on expenses, you may choose to rent instead of buy. You will also need to rent various pieces of moving equipment prior to the move. Some equipment you may consider renting are: 

Seek Help From Friends and Family

Do not be overly ambitious. Pulling off such big tasks solo is difficult. Enlist a few of your strong friends to come to help you. They can assist you with the intense heavy lifting and also help load the truck. In addition to learning about the right tactics to lift heavy items, teach the tips to your generous helpers. 

Measure Tight Spaces like Stairways and Doorways

Don’t forget to measure the stairway, entryway and doorway. The household item must be able to pass through. This will also help you decide which of your fairly large items must be disassembled. While you can (and most likely MUST) disassemble items like your pool table and piano to fit through doorways and stairways, many items cannot be dismantled. The last thing you want is to transfer an appliance or furniture to the new home and find out it does not fit through the doors and hallways. If you take measurements beforehand, you can avoid this hassle and make alternate plans. 

Safely Carry All the User Manuals and Warranties

From household appliances to hot tubs, accumulate all of the warranty cards and user manuals. Store them in an easy-to-find and secure location. Be extra careful and try not to lose any of them. When you start reassembling, you will surely need help from the manual. You will need the warranty in case something gets damaged or breaks during the move. 

Check your insurance for coverage details 

Lastly, be sure to check whether the items have insurance coverage. If your difficult-to-move household items have insurance, it will help you cover repair work in case something breaks or gets damaged in transition. 

Final Words 

Moving any of the aforementioned household items without help from removal companies Brisbane will be inefficient and difficult. From complicated goods like a hot tub to heavy items like a pool table, It is not recommended to risk it by attempting a DIY move.