To hire professional movers and packers or to attempt a DIY move? Are you too drowning in this common moving-related dilemma? Surely, the upcoming move is going to be hectic but you have plenty of choices regarding how to tackle it. In addition to hundreds of other decisions, you have to pick between a DIY move and hiring removalists Brisbane Northside. 

Hiring a reliable moving company is clearly the more hassle-free option. However, there are reasons why many people choose to take care of their moving-related tasks without enlisting professional services. If you are overwhelmed by your options and not sure which one you should choose, you’ll find help here! 

Our team at Moving Solutions has curated a list of pros and cons for both choices. In this article, you will find out why many people choose DIY moving while others opt to hire expert removalists Brisbane Northside. 

Reasons to Attempt a DIY Move

Many people choose to handle their moves themselves instead of hiring removalists Brisbane Northside because of cost-effectiveness. Even though this is an important reason, it is not the only one. Let’s have a look at some reasons to choose a DIY move. 

Easy on Your Pocket

First of all, a DIY move is significantly cheaper than hiring professional moving companies. It is ideal for anyone on a tight budget. Moving companies may quote high figures – even for small moves. You could save thousands of dollars by renting a moving truck and attempting everything without professional assistance. Best of all, if you have help from some friends and family, you do not have to spend on labour either. 

Full Control Over Every Process

While affordability is an important factor, there are many more benefits of a DIY move. The best advantage is that you will have full control over everything related to your move. From choosing the truck, getting moving supplies, packing, to lifting the boxes – you will be in charge of everything. This means you can ensure that all your belongings are well-protected throughout the journey. 

Moreover, a DIY move offers immense flexibility. You can decide when to begin processes and when to end. You can take breaks depending on other work and personal commitments. 

Choose How You Want to Pack 

Movers often have very specific requirements regarding how you should pack your belongings. They would expect each of the boxes to be well-wrapped and sealed before they arrive. This can cause a lot of stress before the moving day. On the other hand, you can decide when and how to pack your items for a DIY move. 

As you will be handling most of your items, you do not have to worry about sealing or perfectly packing everything. For example, oddly-shaped items such as plants and lamps can be loaded into the truck as they are. Alternatively, you can just lightly wrap blankets and pillows before loading them into the truck. 

Downsides of a DIY Move 

Of course, there are some drawbacks of not hiring removalists Brisbane Northside. What are they? Let’s have a look. 

Requires Intense Planning

Alongside full control of your moving journey, a DIY move brings the responsibility of heavy-duty planning. Even the most uncomplicated move will demand days of planning. Decluttering, packing, moving, unpacking – everything is your responsibility. So, you will feel very lost if you do not have a proper plan in place. Ideally, you should figure out how to pack, load, and all other logistics long before the moving week. 

Involves Intense Heavy Lifting 

As you will have to move all the heavy boxes, appliances, furniture, etc. on your own, you may not be prepared for the heavy lifting. Unless you have really strong friends, it is going to be difficult to move everything without support from the pros. Lifting all your chunky belongings is not a walk in the park – especially if stairs are involved. 

Moving injuries is a big concern as well. What’s more? Inexperienced helpers can leave scratches and marks on the walls and even cause damage to your belongings. If your move is anything bigger than a one-bedroom apartment move, then a DIY move can cause a lot of physical and financial hindrances.

Unexpected Events May Cause Delays

Hopefully, everything about your DIY move will go just as planned. However, you will be in trouble if something goes wrong. For instance, if your big couch gets stuck in the hallway you will not be able to move it without using the right tools. You may end up wasting long hours trying to find a solution. In fact, most people would have to end up calling experts for help. 

Reasons to Hire Removalists Brisbane Northside

Want a hassle-free move? The only way to enjoy a stress-free relocation is to hire professionals in your area and outsource the workload. Is it a good idea? Continue reading to find out. 

Everything Will Be Taken Care Of

When you delegate tasks to professionals, you do not have to lift even a finger. Trained professionals will take care of your moving journey and also make it seem effortless. You neither have to beg your friends to come help nor worry about scratching the new walls of your house. Instead, you can focus on important work meetings, babysitting children or pets, or simply relaxing. 

Efficient Work Process

By hiring an experienced and legitimate removalist Brisbane Northside, you can rest assured that all your moving-related work will be completed efficiently. Moving companies tackle hundreds of moves and adopt a structured and organized approach. 

Unlike your friends and family who offer to help, moving companies are under contract to assist you. Hence, they cannot afford to flake. A reliable moving company will arrive on time with all the essential equipment and moving supplies. As a result, the efficient approach can help you save several moving hours. 

Allows Stress-free Relocation

Again, with professionals on-site, you will have fewer things to worry about and micromanage. Not only will they provide adequate manpower support but they will also ensure proper logistics for each step of the moving process. Thanks to their years of experience, they know the best way to handle on-site complications on moving days. 

Downsides of Hiring Removalists Brisbane Northside

Just like everything else in life, there are some drawbacks to hiring removalists Brisbane Northside as well. The most obvious reason to avoid movers is the expense. Working with a moving company will definitely lead to a hefty bill but there are some other things to keep in mind. 

Not a Flexible Moving Journey

Unfortunately, hiring expert removalists can rob you of your flexibility. When working with professionals, you must adhere to a predetermined date and time for pick-up. Furthermore, you will have no control over how to conduct the move as the moving company will follow specific techniques and routines for packing, moving and loading your belongings. 

Impersonal Moving Journey

There is a very high chance you do not know the movers personally. Therefore, trusting some strangers with your precious belongings may be nerve-racking for you. Professionals will be more focused on following protocols than worrying about protecting your items from damage. 

To avoid this, make sure to carry out thorough research before finalizing a contract. You can check ratings and read reviews to gauge how reliable a company is. You can avoid rip-offs and scams by hiring insured and licensed movers. 

Final Takeaway: To DIY Move or Hire Removalists Brisbane Northside?  

Now that you know the pros and cons of choosing both options, it is time to decide. What is the right choice? Well, it really depends. Whether to do a DIY move or to hire pro movers depends on a few factors like your affordability, distance and complexity of the move, and your personality. 

Are you fit enough to carry a mattress down the stairs? Do not have hard-working friends to help? If not, hiring removalists Brisbane Northside would be an easy choice for you. This does not mean you should disregard DIY completely. With the right techniques and proper planning, you can carry out a successful move without professional assistance.