Comprehensive moving checklists that start months before the anticipated move is without a doubt very helpful. Even though they allow ample time to check and recheck everything, you might find it difficult to follow. If work or family engagements are keeping you busy, or if you are moving on short notice, it may be helpful to follow a more condensed moving checklist. Moving in a rush can induce much more stress than usual. So, how can you emerge victorious in this race against time? 

Well, as always, the trick is to plan smart. In such a situation, when there is a lot to do in very little time, it is ideal to classify the workload based on urgency. First of all, identify things you definitely need to do prior to the move. Next, figure out which moving chores can be tackled from the comfort of your new residence. 

To take one more thing off your plates, we have prepared a checklist when moving in a hurry for you. Follow this guide to identify what the most important moving tasks are, what you must take care of before the moving day, and what can wait until after you settle down in the new place. 

Must-Do Things Before the Moving Day

The sooner you start preparing for a move, the easier it will be. In circumstances where you do not have abundant time, prioritize the following tasks: 

The easiest way to take off some of the pressure is to outsource it. You will have a lot to worry about during the D-day, so it is best to rely on professional support. Worried about the expenses? Rest assured there are tons of affordable cleaners and removalists. Here at Moving Solutions, we provide free quotes and take online bookings too.  

When you have limited time, get as much help as possible. You can buy packing materials online and request friends and family to help out. Do not forget to grab some portable wardrobes to hang delicate items. Have bubble wrap and packing paper delivered to your house also, so nothing can hinder the packing process. 

Even though getting free boxes from friends and nearby shops is an option, you might just order them online to save valuable time. Want to save even more time? You may hire professional packers to take care of most of the packing-related tasks. 

Oftentimes, essential things like utilities are overlooked. Without electricity, gas, or even Netflix, would be quite difficult. Many utility companies have the option to transfer utility services. However, as utility transfer might take several days, do not wait till moving day to call the service providers.  

Declutter before you start packing. This way, you can avoid packing unnecessary belongings. List items that are useless to you but might be of need to someone else for sale online. You need to do this much before the D-day as you have to allow the buying time to pick up the product. 

In the long term, you can change the address provided to government agencies and banks. However, the post office will redirect your mails for up to one year. It may be helpful to talk to the post office early. For, mail direction might take a few days to start. 

Checklist for Day Before D-day 

Also known as the first-night survival kit, this is a separate box filled with all the essentials you might need for the first few days in the new house. This box may include some clothes, tea-towels, paper towels, toilet paper, medicine, bread, and some snacks. 

Without a doubt, moving day will require administrative issues. Be sure to pack a box or bag with moving essentials. This box may include documents, leases, and some important tools like a utility knife, screwdriver or wrench.  

One day before the move, finish packing all the boxes and add labels to the boxes. The labels should specify the content of the boxes and destination room. This way, the movers will know where in the new house to drop each of the boxes. 

Things To Do on the Moving day

Right Before Leaving the Old Home:

In the new home:

No matter how much time you have, a move entails a lot of tough days. A hurried move, in particular, is extremely stressful. Thanks to this checklist when moving in a hurry, you can enjoy an organized move.